Design and experience
are the most important aspects of publishing.

Let this award-winning designer create beautiful book covers and text layout for you.
I don't use templates for layouts and design.
All my work is designed specifically for
your project.

Designing books

You want your book designed so that will grab a reader's attention. A cover that will draw a reader to your book, intrigue them enough to pick it up and buy it. We know the business of design and editing for the publishing business. We know the needs of authors, small presses and professionals. We guide you through the steps to create a design for your project, from choosing color, layout, and design, to the finished product. You will have a finished product you will be proud to promote. And you didn't have to spend a fortune on your project to accomplish your vision.


RSBPress provides the services you need, including:


  • clarifying your vision for the project
  • editing
  • layout
  • photo acquisition
  • award-winning design
  • printing solutions

Beyond design, the book Shepherd

What are the necessaries to a successful book?


  • Having a well-edited manuscript
  • Having a media/marketing plan
  • Having a business plan


We can help you find an editor, plan your PR campaign, find a printer or printing solution. RSBPress can shepherd you through the process of publishing your book, from manuscript through to establishing your own publishing company should you choose to do so.


Publishing is a business. You need to know the business before you plunge into the fray.


Too many potential publishers make the mistake of thinking this is easy. Running a publishing company isn't easy. Just as with any other business. As a publisher, it is up to you to do all the work.


However, using a "book shepherd" to guide you through the process makes all the difference between spending years learning or quickly getting your fledgling business up and running smoothly.


"Kitty Werner has designed the covers and interiors of several of the books I've published, always with great results and reasonable cost. When other publishers ask me for recommendations, she is at the top of my list."


Steve Carlson

Publisher, Upper Access, Inc.,
Book Publishers

Former President, Independent Publishers of New England


Designing books is a specialty

There are many nuances to designing books that the inexperienced designer wouldn't know about. Those are the little items that set apart a professionally designed book from an amateur's job.


Do you want your book to scream "vanity" or "amateur" to your potential audience? Or do you want your book to fit in with books from the big publishers?


If your cover doesn't make a positive impression at first glance—in about five seconds, you've lost your chance to have a reader pick it up to take the ten seconds to read the back cover.


RSBPress creates covers to entice readers to grab your book from the chaos on the shelves. Each cover is designed specifically for your subject and your project.


Well-crafted interiors sell books. Interiors are designed around the subject. For example, a translation of an 1869 French mystery, File No. 113 uses a classic font and layout for the interior. While a modern book, such as Why The Wind Blows uses a more modern font and layout. Yet both fonts are easy to read and set the mood for the reader. The task is to know which fonts work best for the reader and the subject matter. Using the wrong font makes reading more difficult. This is not your objective.


If you wish to learn more about the basics of publishing

You can download a PDF of a little publishing paper I wrote that details the basics of the different versions of publishing, from the traditional route and how the costs are broken down, to the Print on Demand (POD) route used by many today.

Creating and publishing books is also a business

A "book shepherd" is the term used to describe someone who helps authors turn their manuscript into a finished book, guiding their way through the archaic world of publishing.


There are so many ways to publish these days. If you want to become a player, and potentially have national recognition, you need to have a professionally designed book, and you need to have the access to the outlets that bookstores, both online and off, use to sell books.


Avoid Vanity Presses


There is a difference between "vanity" publishers that take anyone's manuscript, whether good or bad, to "publish" using generic templates for design; and the professional publishers that only produce quality books that have a good chance to sell well and get noticed.


We teach you the difference and guide you through the confusion to find the solution that works for you.


Become your own publishing house


Several of RSBPress's clients have chosen to start their own publishing companies to sell their books. The advantage is simple, the author/publisher controls their own book completely, with no middleman. Any royalties or sales come directly to the publisher. Just understand that all the risks are the publisher's as well. However, the risks can be minimal if done correctly.


As your book shepherd, RSBPress can handle the book publishing business for you, taking care of all the little details and keeping your business on track.


RSBPress learned the trade from working with Random House, editing six and ultimately designing five books for their House of Collectibles imprint.


Some of the books I have worked on and designed

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"Whether you are a first time author or seasoned publisher, Kitty Werner is a godsend!  Knowledgeable, witty, and professional, she is “one-stop shopping” when it comes to meeting your publishing needs.  At the end of the process, you are left with a masterpiece and a friend."


Rhonda J. McClenton, Ichthus Press



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